Destructive Dorian Headed Toward Florida

Posted at 7:23 AM, Aug 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-30 09:23:35-04

Hurricane Dorian now has maximum sustained winds of 110mph and it is expected to strengthen as it heads toward the Florida coast. This storm has potential for catastrophic damage with incredible wind up to 140mph, a large storm surge flooding the coast, and torrential rain throughout the state. Recovery from the damage could take months if not years. Stay tuned as this storm likely makes landfall late on Labor Day.
For Montana, we're getting the showers and storms out of the way before the weekend. Isolated showers will continue through Friday. The moisture and cloud cover has helped reduce the fire danger temporarily but the holiday weekend will be warm and dry making for persistent fire danger. Friday's showers and storms will be isolated across the state meaning not everyone will see wet weather. Highs on Friday will again only reach the 70s to around 80. There may be gusty winds near a few of these thunderstorms. Storms will move through the state from morning through the evening. Saturday and Sunday will be very similar: sunny, warm and dry. There is a slight, slight chance for an isolated thunderstorm over the Hi-Line through the afternoons but the vast majority of the state will be completely dry. Just keep an eye on that fire danger. Labor Day Monday will be mostly sunny and warm but a few isolated thunderstorms are possible late in the day. Overall it will be a sunny, warm and great weekend to be soak up the last of summer.
Have a great day!
Curtis Grevenitz