Feel Good Friday: a "love letter" to a Great Falls diner

Feel Good Friday: a "love letter" to a Great Falls diner
Posted at 9:01 AM, Aug 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-20 12:09:47-04

GREAT FALLS — Appreciation is sometimes all you need - and for staff at many restaurants in recent months, it's been in short supply. But Tracy’s Family Diner in downtown Great Falls recently had one customer that went above and beyond to thank the staff for their hard work and hospitality.

One morning the diner staff was working through their usual breakfast rush when a road-tripper stumbled into their restaurant. Unknown to the staff, this man would end up making their day. The man sat down and was served just like every customer, but after his breakfast he decided he wanted to thank the staff with just a little more than a tip.

He proceeded to go to Albertsons and bring them back donuts. As any staff would be, they were surprised and thankful. The next day the man returned but this time he had something to say - or to write, rather.

Tracys is great where should I start
their food is delicious and made from the heart
so let’s talk about their stuff oh how they love to laugh
every member of their staff is great
but they’re busy so they may not be able to conversate
whether you’re a local or just passing through
reassured they will take care of you
if you’re if you’re here for hunting fishing or national Park
eating at Tracys will definitely provide a spark
you can travel the great country from east to west
if you’re dining at Tracys you will feel blessed
all of the places I have stopped and are.
Tracys is most certainly first rate.

A poem was left on the table after the man was on his way. It was a surprise and a now treasured memory.

Server Kayleigh Newman said, "It's not very often that it happens, like I thought the poem, it was really nice, it was sweet, he pointed out how crazy we are here all the time, how we always laugh, how it is always a good atmosphere, it's just good to be noticed.”

There wasn’t a face without a smile after reading this poem.

“It's just so nice when someone truly comes in and sees how hard we are working and acknowledges it,” said server Stacy Helmen. “We work hard to keep everyone happy.”

With many places still struggling and trying to find staff members, it's important to appreciate those who do the work to keep things up and running.