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Stafford Animal Shelter reflects on its first month post-flood

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Posted at 5:11 PM, Jul 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-14 19:11:27-04

The Stafford Animal Shelter is grateful and humbled by the donations it has received—approximately $250,000.

From celebrity recognition to lemonade stand dollars, the community support has allowed Director of Operations and Outreach Alicia Davis to see the light amid a dark time in the shelter's history.

“The small donations really make a big difference in a town like ours,” Davis said. “It was hard to see the light a month ago, and now I do. We will be here for the community.”

Within a matter of minutes, the shelter filled with water during the evacuation of animals. Cats and dogs that were able, were placed in vans and those that were in kennels were hoisted and carried down to the lower barn.

“I opened the door, got them going upstairs and closed the door behind them,” said Nick, a Stafford Dog Trainer. “When it got up to chest level I went back up and around through a different way.”

Nick and others got as many dogs to the upper portion of the barn as they could, and with the fast current and rising water levels, they freed other dogs from their kennels to await rescue.

Thanks to seeking higher ground in the barn and swift water rescue, all of the dogs, cats, and exotics were rescued from the facility.

Throughout the shelter, what used to be caked in mud, water, toys, and dog food, now is stripped to the base concrete and cleaned. Drywall and portions of interior wall have been removed, and portable kennels and crates are placed outside.

“This is the second dumpster I filled just by myself, just the outside debris not inside,” Nick said.”

A month out, the question of rebuilding their home or finding a new location is still unknown. The board is still working with contractors and engineers to determine what the next steps should be.

For information on how to donate to Stafford Animal Shelter, click here.