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Ford’s New Broncos Were Designed After The Retro 1966 Models

Ford’s New Broncos Were Designed After The Retro 1966 Models
Posted at 1:25 PM, Aug 15, 2022

Ford’s throwback SUV might pique your interest if you’re feeling nostalgic or wishing you had been born a generation or two earlier. The motor company recently unveiled the 2023 Bronco and Bronco Sport Heritage and Heritage Limited editions, designed to invoke memories of the original 1966 Bronco.

The new Broncos will feature the classic Oxford white-painted roof, grille and wheels, as well as Bronco script fender graphics with modern elements. In addition, the vehicles will be available in a range of retro-inspired colors, such as Yellowstone metallic, based on the prairie yellow paint used for 1971 models, and robin’s egg blue, based on the original 1966 Bronco’s Arcadian blue shade.


“Bronco captivated America in the mid-’60s with its rugged style and uncompromising off-road agility, a legacy that is still prevalent today,” Mark Grueber, Bronco marketing manager, said in a press release. “With these new Heritage and Heritage Limited editions, we’re paying respect to Bronco’s roots with nods to some of the signature design cues from the first-generation vehicle, while continuing to build the Bronco brand with more special editions that our customers want.”

While it certainly could be a daily driver, the new Broncos are designed to drive anywhere. The SUV’s Terrain Management System offers five “G.O.A.T.” modes, which stands for Goes Over Any Type of Terrain (but we see what they did there). These modes include normal, eco, sport, slippery and sand.

“These Heritage Editions are every bit as important to [Bronco] Sport as they are for the rest of the Bronco Brand and we think the iconic themes from the ’60s work perfectly on this vehicle,” Grueber said in the press release.


Ford will only build 1,966 of each Heritage Limited Edition model to commemorate the year the original Bronco debuted.

Do you like the retro vibe of these new-old Ford Broncos?

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