Grant helps Sunburst with community center

Grant helps Sunburst with community center
Posted at 6:26 PM, Oct 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-27 17:34:51-04

SUNBURST — In April, the small town of Sunburst in Toole County received exciting news that it had received $150,000 from Lowe’s as part of the company's "100 Hometowns" project.

“I had found out in August that the little town that I had grown up in - Sunburst, Montana - submitted an application, unbeknownst to me,” said Bill Boltz, executive vice president of merchandise for Lowe’s.

“I brought that to the executive board and that’s when they told me that it was too far away from a Lowe’s location and that it wouldn’t be possible. But then the CEO heard about it and decided that, no, Sunburst was definitely going to be a town that they were going to donate too,” said Boltz.

Since receiving the grant, civic leaders have been able to transform a simple building into a community center.

“I have always wanted this town to have a community center! Unfortunately, things have just never panned out until now,” explained Sally Peters-Aschim, who nominated Sunburst.

The center is not complete yet but will be by the end of this year.