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Pet of the Week: Zeeva

Posted at 7:34 AM, Nov 29, 2019

Today's pet of the week is a big sweetheart looking for a home for the holidays.

MeetZeeva, a 80-plus pound three year-old mastiff.

Her owners hard a hard time keeping her after their divorce, so she is back at the shelter looking to start her new life.

Zeeva is great with kids, but would rather be the only animal in the family so all the attention can go to her.

She is also not a typically high energy dog and would rather hang-out than run around the yard.

But if you don't have a yard or can't have a dog and still would like to come to the shelter and spend some time with Zeeva there is a program just for you.

"We're also doing a foster program where you can a dog for anywhere from a couple of hours up to a few days to a few weeks," said dog program coordinator Rebecca Howard. " Just to hang out, have a good time. Even if you can't long term have a dog it's a great way to just have a dog in your life for a while and give them a break from the shelter."

If you would like to adoptZeeva, or get involved in the foster program at the Lewis and Clark Humane Society click the link here.