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How to order a strawberry matcha from Starbucks’ secret menu

How To Order A Strawberry Matcha From Starbucks’ Secret Menu
Posted at 9:40 AM, Aug 18, 2020

Starbucks’ secret menu isn’t exactly classified information. You’ve likely spotted whimsical off-menu items on social media for years, such as the colorful unicorn frappuccino of 2017 and the autumnal Cinderella latte of 2019.

So far this summer, Starbucks has put the spotlight on fruity and decadent flavors, like the secret menu spin on an indulgent dessert, the strawberry cheesecake frappuccino. You can also order the secret piña colada frappuccino for a taste of the tropics.

Now, the latest secret-menu drink to take off on social media is a new berry-and-matcha combo sipper: strawberry matcha!

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TikTok creator @gerrigerrigerri, also known as YourFriendlyBarista, is an actual Starbucks barista who shares a variety of secret menu drinks on the popular TikTok page. In his TikTok videos, he breaks down how to custom-order secret unique concoctions at Starbucks. The barista believes “customization shouldn’t have to be scary.”

In his videos, YourFriendlyBarista not only shares what’s in each drink, he also explains how to order the drink in a simple, step-by-step process. And he has a video devoted to the popular strawberry matcha drink.

According to the helpful barista, the drink is easy enough to make, as it consists of pink drink, vanilla cold foam and a scoop of matcha. Watch the video to find out how to request this drink of your barista.

@gerrigerrigerriPerfect duo 🍓🍵 ##Starbucks ##barista ##fyp♬ YourFriendlyBaristaGerri – gerrigerrigerri

If you like matcha more than strawberry, you can basically invert the drink for a matcha strawberry! YourFriendlyBarista has a TikTok video with instructions for this drink, which calls for iced green tea latte, vanilla cold foam and strawberry puree.

@gerrigerrigerriPerfect Duo v.2 🍵🍓 ##Starbucks ##barista ##fyp♬ MatchaStrawberry – gerrigerrigerri

Worried that asking for a customization is annoying to the barista? You’re not alone.

“This looks so yummy, but I’m too scared to order it cause I don’t wanna annoy the workers with my order,” commented TikTok fan Debbie.

YourFriendlyBarista was quick to ease Debbie’s worries.

“Coming from a barista, this is a fairly easy drink to make,” he replied. “It’s easier than a Frappuccino. They’ll probably be more impressed than annoyed.”

So, don’t hesitate to ask for one of these custom drinks at your local Starbucks. These easy steps should make it a breeze for your barista to make!

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