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Husband goes viral for creating an at-home Chipotle station for his wife

Husband goes viral for creating an at-home Chipotle station for his wife
Posted at 2:50 PM, Jan 29, 2024

Chipotle restaurants offer fresh, quality ingredients put together right in front of you, in a style that has been referred to as the “have-it-your-way-model.” It has been much admired and copied more than once in the fast-casual restaurant business, by eateries offering every type of cuisine from pizza (think Blaze or Mod Pizza) to Asian food (think Bibibop Asian Grill).

However, sometimes you just want to stay in, and that’s likely one reason why a clever husband went viral when he took it upon himself to offer a home-cooked alternative. His presentation to his wife is the best thing about the TikTok video from @table_view14.

In the video, Braxton Hooks has created an entire Chipotle-style layout, complete with proteins, rice and toppings, and he offers customer service in imitation of Chipotle, starting with the question: “Would you like a wrap or a bowl?”

Check out the adorable video here:

@table_view14 10/10 Def Recommend🥂☺❤ #foodie #mealprep #cooking #explore ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

His wife, Tia Hooks, giggles throughout the entire video, asking him, “Why are you screaming?” when he asks for her order. (He answers, “‘Cause that’s how they talk.”) The best part, though, is when it’s time to pay, and he asks for 10 kisses.

The video has 16.9 million views on TikTok and plenty of comments ranging from, “His energy seems so wholesome,” posted by @fiffy22100000, to people jokingly criticizing his method (he didn’t point out that guacamole costs extra, for example, and we’re wondering if he used Chipotle’s guac recipe or his own). And in response to inquiries from viewers, the couple posted another video to explain how Braxton cooked up that chicken:

@table_view14 Replying to @Simra ♬ original sound – Braxton & Tia🖤

According to “Today,” Braxton and Tia are high school sweethearts who finally got married two years ago. They’ve often shared cute couple moments online — and they’re not done going viral.

In a more recent video that has received 16.9 million views so far, Braxton does the same at-home, fast-food presentation, only Subway-style. He nails it (no surprise, since he apparently worked there as a teen). He even includes small talk, which lets him flirt a bit awkwardly with his customer:

@table_view14 I finally paid up the 7 kisses😭Also always a 10/10 🫶🏾 #Foodie #mealprep #cooking #explore #subway ♬ original sound – Braxton & Tia🖤

We can’t wait to see what this sweet couple cooks up next!

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