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DeRosier joins the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council

Robert DeRosier
Browning Montana aerial view
Posted at 9:13 AM, May 08, 2023

The Tribal Business Council on the Blackfeet Reservation has gained a new member after a previous member resigned. The new member is Robert DeRosier, who was inaugurated on Thursday by the council and members of the community.

DeRosier fills the spot formerly occupied by Timothy Davis, who resigned in March.

In response to getting elected and seeing the Tribal Council Chambers filled with support, DeRosier explained that he was excited. “Oh, I’m just so amazed by the by the love and support I got from our tribal nation here. I think that our tribal programs are very outstanding here. We have some really good directors and some really good staff, and I just want to continue to support the good at the good work that we do.”
Even on his first day filling the seat on the council, DeRosier is armed with ideas that he hopes will aid in supporting and building the community.

Of his ideas, tackling the Missing and Murdered Indigenous program, focusing on the youth, and taking a look at the various socio-economic programs are only several of the items that he hopes to shed a light on while on the council.

“I see a lot of times that ideas are brought forth but not followed up on simply because they become lost so, that’s one of my hopes that we can practice good communication among each other and the people and hopefully make a difference.”

Robert DeRosier
Robert DeRosier

Tribal Business Council seats are filled by election, and a term lasts two years. Only time will what DeRosier adds to the tribe while on the council, and hopefully his 50 years of emergency response experience and love for the community reflect nothing but positivity in his new role.

“I’m just overwhelmingly elected for this position, which was very humbling experience, and I’m happy to be here and I’ll do the best I can and work hard. I’m more than happy just to continue my service to the Blackfeet Nation in Browning.”

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