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Israeli hostage's partner speaks about her life and kidnapping

Israeli hostage Inbar Haiman was taken by Hamas at the Nova Israeli music festival and is believed to be held in Gaza.
Israeli hostage's partner speaks about her life and kidnapping
Posted at 4:17 PM, Oct 19, 2023

By Thursday Israel had hit the Gaza Strip hard with airstrikes, including in the south where Palestinians were told to flee for safety to avoid bombardment in the north. 

Hospitals in Gaza remained overwhelmed as medical supplies, fuel and fresh water resources appeared to be running out. 

The event that sparked the Israeli military's forceful sustained attack on what it has identified as Hamas strongholds was an attack by Hamas on Israel soil. 

Noam Alon, the partner of Israeli hostage Inbar Haiman, spoke to Scripps News about the circumstances surrounding Haiman's kidnapping, and said he believes she is still being held in Gaza.

Haiman was abducted while attending the Nova Israeli music festival just days ago. 

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Alon talked about Haiman, her character and life. He says he doesn't know where she is being held in Gaza and "can only hope" her kidnappers are treating her like a "human being."

Alon says he and his family have not heard any updates about her well-being or whereabouts. 

He pleaded for the release of the other hostages that Israel says Hamas took. 

Alon said he hopes the Israeli military will not risk any of the hostages' lives or do anything to put them in further danger. 

U.S. intelligence assessments estimate that there has been a "staggering loss of life" so far in this conflict, within a span of just days. 

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