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WK Kellogg Co has a new high-protein cereal option for low-carb diets

Kellogg’s has a new high-protein cereal option for low-carb diets
Posted at 5:30 AM, Jan 08, 2024

Whether you’re starting a low-carb diet in the New Year or sticking with one you’ve already started, the WK Kellogg Co is launching a new cereal to make breakfast time quick and easy.

Their new “Eat Your Mouth Off” cereal line comes in Fruity or Chocolate flavors, with each one having 22 grams of plant-based protein, 0 grams of sugar and 2 grams or fewer of net carbs per serving.

It’s important to note that while the vegan cereals do not have sugar, they do contain soy and the sugar substitutes sucralose and stevia, so if you’re sensitive to any of those, you’ll want to be aware of the ingredients.

The cereal is currently hitting stores nationwide and is priced at around $8 per box.

Eat Your Mouth Off chocolate cereal box

$8.78 at Walmart

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There are a handful of other low-carb cereals on the market as well, like Ratio from General Mills, The Cereal School and the brand Magic Spoon, which has 13 grams of protein and four grams of net carbs per serving. Magic Spoon cereals are also free of sugar and sugar alcohols.

You can find Magic Spoon online and at grocery stores like Walmart in a variety of flavors including Fruity, Peanut Butter, Cocoa, Cinnamon Roll and Maple Waffle.

A box of Fruity Magic Spoon cereal.

$9.42 at Walmart

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Of course, there are plenty of high-protein, low-carb options for breakfast aside from cereal, including many you can make yourself.

Eggs are low in carbs but high in protein, so a few eggs in the morning is one route you can take. You could also whip up these ‘Bacon And Eggers,’ which are essentially a bread-free breakfast sandwich. All you’ll need to do is hard boil some eggs, fry up some bacon, slice some cheese and assemble them, with the hardboiled egg replacing the bread.

Hard-boiled eggs

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Are you following a Keto diet or cutting carbs?

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