Store selling ketchup-flavored candy canes

'Here to save Christmas from being dry and tasteless'
Store selling ketchup-flavored candy canes
Posted at 10:25 AM, Sep 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-08 12:27:15-04

SEATTLE, Wash. – Some candy cane lovers may be in for a surprise this holiday season.

The business that brought us pizza and mac & cheese-flavored candy canes has a new flavor – ketchup – and they're available now.

Washington-based Archie McPhee introduced its new Ketchup Candy Canes with an Instagram photo last week and it looks like they could be a bit deceiving.

With the signature red and white stripes, the Ketchup-flavored treats are sure to fool some of those who are expecting to bite down on a peppermint stick.

You can purchase a set of six of the Ketchup-flavored candy canes on Archie McPhee’s website. As of Tuesday, a pack is being sold for $5.50.

In the product description, the business says “Ketchup Candy Canes are here to save Christmas from being dry and tasteless!” And they’re “the best candy cane to eat with French fries.”

Along with the website, customers can shop at the business’ store in Seattle.