Logan Health nurses in Kalispell now on strike, hospital administration responds

Logan Health Strike
Logan Health Strike
Logan Health Strike
Posted at 6:02 PM, Jun 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-01 20:02:48-04

KALISPELL — Logan Health union nurses in Kalispell are now on strike in hopes of pushing hospital administration to listen to their concerns.

Logan Health administration has said that they are happy to meet with the union nurses, in a productive manner.

Logan Health Union nurses in Kalispell say they are striking this week due to discrimination of union nurses and a demand for higher pay.

“Patient Staffing is a big thing for us being able to retain our nurses and in order to do that they need to be able to live here in the valley. Along with that is some of our health care benefits that we're fighting for in our contract,” said Angel Garrido, a union nurse at Logan Health.

Logan Health Strike

Garrido was one of the hundred people MTN saw picketing that demand contract negotiations with Logan Health administration, for unfair labor practices.

A union spokesperson says those unfair labor practices include discrimination against the union nurses and denial of new assignments in retaliation for being a part of the union.

“While I appreciate your frustrations, your recent behaviors do not lend to reaching any successful conclusions," Logan Health President Craig Lambrecht said in a written statement. "We are focused on the potential disruption of services that you have fostered and our duty to care for patients will take precedence over any bargaining dates.”

Logan Health Strike

Logan Health communications specialist Chris Leopold stated more than 150 nurses have offered to work during the strike adding that more than 100 nurses who were scheduled to work on the days of the strike have committed to fulfilling their shifts. Additionally, many more -- who were not scheduled -- have volunteered to work.

Lambrecht also stated that he is thankful for the nurses that have shown up for their duties.

The union nurses plan to strike through Friday.