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Maintain more privacy: Hiding some personal data from Google searches

Google has a mechanism that will allow users to remove certain personal data, including email addresses and phone numbers.
Maintain more privacy: Hiding some personal data from Google searches
Posted at 5:17 PM, Oct 25, 2023

Google is a search engine giant, and a very significant number of web users and devices make the search tool a top choice for inquiring about just about everything in daily life. However, that same search engine can reveal a lot of personal details about users. 

Google has a feature that will allow users to elect not to show certain pieces of personal information about their lives, like email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses and more. 

It doesn't take much to hide many aspects of a user's personal data from searches using Google's "remove web results" feature. 

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While the feature is in beta, it's still available for practical use right now. 

When you open up Google, simply search your name. From there users can click the three vertical dots next to the web results and select "Remove result."

For emails, phone numbers and addresses select the "It shows my personal contact info" choice, but for other items, let the next arrow take you to other results to amend and hide those. 

You can follow these steps for most of your personal information you find online. 

Google has step-by-step instructions on its website for most scenarios to achieve more privacy online. 

By going to the "Data and Privacy" choices on your Google account, users can scroll through "My Activity" and, again, select the three vertical dots, which will allow you to "Manage results" and see "Other activity."

It's a fairly straightforward process, and could be an important tool for many people who want to take on a little more control of their online presence. 

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