Malmstrom airmen and partner agencies train in Cascade

Malmstrom airmen and partners train in Cascade
Posted at 5:05 AM, Aug 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-10 07:05:00-04

CASCADE — Malmstrom Air Force Base conducted a training exercise and community demonstration in the town of Cascade on Monday. The training included the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office, the FBI, and several other agencies.

In addition to the training, there was also a display open to the public which included helicopters, a payload transporter van, tactical vehicles, and other equipment.

The training provides an interagency response template for military, federal, and local authorities responding to a simulated incident.

Lieutenant Daniel Lindstrom explained, “Basically what’s happening is that they are talking through in the event of an incident involving one of Malmstrom's missiles - how can we increase communication and how can we make sure that we have the most effective response plan possible.”

Lieutenant Taylor Gouty said, “As a security officer, I spend a lot time in an office, so things like this where we get to get out and show our faces and see our guys, their faces light up while explaining their jobs, it's an honor, honestly.”

Reporter Lindsey Stenger invited several airmen to "intro" this segment:

Airmen "audition" for reporter job :-)