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More businesses, even schools, moving to four-day workweeks

Is a shorter workweek the trend of the future?
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Posted at 6:20 AM, Sep 04, 2023

Labor Day week is one of those rare weeks where many people work only four days, having Monday off for the federal holiday. Now, imagine doing that every week.

It turns out a growing number of businesses, and even some schools are throwing their support behind a four-day workweek. North College Hill High School in southwest Ohio is one of those schools.

Students and teachers are part of a unique experiment: a four-day week.

Algebra teacher Kara Graham says coming in just four days, with Monday a planning day, makes her work-life balance so much easier.

"I don't have to spend all day Sunday sitting at my computer doing my schoolwork. I have so much less stress," she said.

Many other industries are giving it a shot, too.

Job listings post four-day weeks

FlexJobs recently posted a list of companies with four-day workweeks. Among them is G2i, which connects companies to software developers.

CEO Gabe Greenberg says at first, employees had off every other Friday. But last year, he says, "We announced that we're gonna move full-time permanently to the four-day workweek."

But a shorter workweek is not without its challenges. If given the option, Toni Frana with FlexJobs says ask yourself these questions:

"How will you be able to work longer days if that's really what's required," she said. "Will you need child care for some of those longer days?"

At G2i, the shorter workweek is helping with recruitment.

"We are getting quite a few leaders from our direct competitors," Greenberg said.

Teachers have more energy, enthusiasm

School superintendent Eugene Blalock says he's seeing teachers much more enthusiastic about their jobs.

"Wellness, teacher wellness and morale was at an all-time low last year," he said. "Now they say they are much more enthusiastic about coming to work, are having much less stress."

He says other districts from around the country are calling him to see if a shorter week might be a solution for them.

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