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Montana State Fund helping Good Samaritan Ministries repair roof

Montana State Fund helping Good Samaritan Ministries repair roof
Posted at 4:35 PM, Feb 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-25 18:42:37-05

Good Samaritan Thrift Storeis used to helping others out in our community, but now they are the ones getting a helping hand.

And they are doing this by turning to the community and the Montana State Fund’s Assisting Charitable Endeavors or ACE Committee, which is awarding Good Sam $10,000 as part of their capital raising campaign to fix the thrift store’s roof and HVAC units.

“We are doing a project to replace our outdated roof," Good Samaritan Ministries' Marketing Manager Sarah Grantham said. "It has a 20-year life span and it is in about 26-year old right now so we have been patching and just trying to do the best that we can to keep the roof going the best we can, but at this point, it is deteriorating and it needs to be completely replaced. The main priority with this campaign is the health and safety in Good Samaritan.”

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But even with the help from the Montana State Fund, Good Sam is still looking for some help from the community they have helped create a network of care for families across Helena.

“We have with our grants and foundations we have completed about 80-percent of our goal which is just amazing," added Grantham. "We’ve gotten so much support on it but we still need about $180,000, so we would just love as much support from the community as possible. Getting to the place where we can complete this essential project and get Good Samaritan back where we can get back to our main mission of helping those in need, getting those emergency shelter that need it."