Montana's Snow, Clouds, Bare Ground and Frozen Lakes Visible from Space

Posted at 6:20 PM, Feb 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-27 20:37:48-05

What a beautiful day across the state and Friday will be even better. Generally clear skies make for a good time to look at the state with the visible satellite. It's like looking at the state from way above with just the naked eye. The lack of snow cover is very apparent with the darker shades. Snow on the ground is seen as white. Clouds are also white but have more texture on this satellite. Snow cover will thin out even more in the lower elevations on Friday, as it will be a beautiful, sunny and warm day for late February. Highs will rise into the 50s to around 60 in the lower elevations. The one blemish with the day will be gusty winds across the prairies. Saturday will start off looking like another warm and sunny day but a cold front will move through western Montana in the morning hours. This front will produce scattered rain and snow showers in the lower elevations, with periods of snow in the mountains. The wind will become quite strong as the front moves through. The early arrival of this front will limit high temperatures to the 40s, with temperatures falling into the 30s later in the day. Snow accumulation will be limited to the mountains. Conditions could be uncomfortable to be outside in the wind and scattered snow showers, with the falling temperatures. Just be prepared for changing conditions if you will be outside. Sunday will have a few light snow showers mainly early in the day with skies becoming partly cloudy later on. Highs will be cooler in the 30s to around 40. Another storm with powerful wind and scattered snow showers and squalls will blast through the state on Tuesday. While significant accumulation will be confined to the mountains again, this storm will have a larger impact on the state as a whole.
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Curtis Grevenitz