National survey shows higher prices for Thanksgiving celebrations

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Posted at 9:21 AM, Nov 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-22 11:21:33-05

A national survey shows that Thanksgiving dinner may cost about 14% more compared to last year.

It's busy at grocery stores this time of the year, and many seems to be finding what they need for Thanksgiving.

"Everything seems to be available at least where we're from," said Stan Ozark, from Glasgow. "And prices might be a little bit higher. But I guess in the whole scheme of things, everything's gone up. So it's something we worked with."

"We shop a lot at Costco but for like stuff like this, we come here," said Jessica Stewart. "And it's been great. I mean, I think it's fine."

"You know, it takes you a little bit longer when you come to a place you know, for the first time," said Robin Windham. "But yeah, I am finding everything I needed."

The 36th annual American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) survey shows a Thanksgiving meal has increased in price 14% compared to last year, with turkeys increasing 24 percent, pumpkin pie mix 7 percent and sweet potatoes 4 percent.

An AFBF economist cites reasons as inflationary pressure, difficulty predicting demand during COVID, high global demand for food and supply chain issues.

"Pie crust, for example, has multiple ingredients," said Veronica Nigh, AFBF senior economist. "So if there's an increase in the cost of eggs, if there's a an increase in the cost of packaging, for any of the ingredients, and increasing the cost of gas to transport any of those ingredients to the pie crust manufacturer, it all adds up."

"Prices are definitely going up," said Kegan McCarthy, assistant store manager at Town & Country. "We're doing our best and trying to order in bulk things like that. That'll help keep them low."

McCarthy said while low supplies have been reported nationwide, Town & Country has been able to keep Thanksgiving items stocked."

"Being able to have it all is nice," he said.

"We'll celebrate this like we always do," Ozark said.

"When it comes to holidays, prices always go up," Stewart said.

"You just pick and choose a little bit wiser," Windham said.