Rossiter school closed Tuesday as Helena Valley flooding expands

Posted at 4:54 PM, May 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 15:04:22-04

UPDATE: There will be no school Tuesday, May 8, at Rossiter School.

As of Monday, May 7, it appears the school may not be accessible for students and staff for the remainder of this week. The situation is currently being monitored by numerous agencies.

Superintendent Jack Copps is exploring possible alternate sites to be used until Rossiter can be reopened.

Please be sure to monitor the District web site for updates.

The Helena School District posted on their website:

We would welcome anyone who might be interested in volunteering to fill sandbags at Rossiter School Tuesday, May 8 at 9:00 a.m.

Currently the only entrance available right now is the east entrance. Please be advised that may change by tomorrow morning. There will be district vehicles and cones marking the location for filling sandbags.

Volunteers may want to park across the street and walk in. Wear your wellies or waders.

HELENA- Rossiter Elementary School is surrounded by high water and Monday classes have been canceled.

Volunteers, West Valley fire, East Valley fire, Lewis and Clark County public works, and Sheriffs Office, set up and filled sandbags.

Volunteers said over 5,000 sandbags were filled.

“I was told this morning by some of my fellow Boy Scouts that came out here to help that all of these people were here, it’s amazing”, Travis Peterson, volunteer.

Peterson said he lives about a mile away from Rossiter Elementary School, and that this flooding is nothing new.

“Six fork loads of sand from Helena Sand and Gravel was brought out”, said Kallie Kind, Director of Support Services Helena School District.

“It’s just beyond humbling how much this community has come together and helps each other out, we’ve been working with the residents on the north side of the property to try to help them. So we had a joint effort sandbagging down Sierra Road because their personal residents are just as important as the school and we want to protect that so its really been a joint effort from everybody involved”, said Kind.

As of Sunday, Sierra Rd. has been turned into a one way so people can drive from Montana Ave to Frontage Road, but cannot drive the opposite direction.

Sheriff Leo Dutton said that is how law enforcement is going to control traffic.

It is also noted that if you do not live in the area DO NOT drive in any a flooded area to look, it causes unnecessary traffic, and splashing of flood water.

Sheriff Dutton said he anticipates the flood water will get even higher throughout the week.

School administrators plan to update parents on the when Rossiter might reopen on Monday afternoon. Updates can also be found at the Helena Public School’s website.

Sandbags for Lewis and Clark Co. residents are being distributed at the Lewis and Clark Co. Fairgrounds.