Helena Campground and RV Park affected by flooding, asking for aid

Posted at 10:01 PM, May 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 15:03:57-04

HELENA – At the Helena Campground and RV Park, just north of Helena, residents are asking for help.

“There’s some people in here that ain’t as fortunate, that can’t go out there and buy the things that they need. These are the ones that are in need,” said Kyle Racine, homeowner at Helena RV and Campground.

Kyle Racine said some residents are wheelchair-bound or elderly, the water has trapped them in their homes.

Racine said they could use bottled water, sandbags and straw bales and any volunteers who can help.

“This is my property, might not be much to some, but this is our home, where we raise our children. This right here is a community, as you can see down there. As a community, we are helping each other out,” said Racine.

Greg Pierson has been volunteering to help since early Sunday. He and others created a sandbag channel to control the flow of water coming into the park.

Pierson said volunteers at the fairgrounds helped transfer thousands of sandbags to this area over the weekend.

George Harris, a resident in the area, said water is a critical need.

“The people here have actually had their water shut off. We’re trying to make sure they have food and have water. What we hope to accomplish here is to help them not lose their homes, and that’s literally what’s at stake,” said Harris.

Harris said everyone is doing the best they can.