First responders in Great Falls tour new emergency department

Posted at 4:00 PM, May 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-08 18:00:45-04

GREAT FALLS – It was an exciting day for first responders as they viewed the new emergency department and garage at Benefis Health System for the first time on Sunday.

First responders were invited to bring ambulances and fire trucks to learn how to use the new garage, which was part of the emergency department’s expansion and remodel project.

The garage connects directly to the ER so patients will no longer be unloaded from ambulances in inclement weather.

The emergency department (ED) will have high-tech equipment and is geared towards making the patient and the patient’s family comfortable.

Kevin Langkiet, director of Critical Care/Emergency Services, said one of the issues focused on was putting families at the bedsides of patients.

“We wanted rooms large enough, so we built them larger so the families can be there and be with their loved one when they’re going through the emergency treatment area,” said Langkiet. “We’ve also sat down with our families and said, ‘What do you need in these rooms?’ And we did special things for the families, so it’s all focused on the patient as well as their family.”

There was no interruption to the quality or level of emergency care during any phase of the construction project.

Benefis Emergency Services is one of only four Level-II Trauma Centers in Montana.

The new ED, once completed, will be the largest emergency department in Montana.

The ED will be ready to use Tuesday.

Reporting by Kaley Collins for MTN News