Craft Beer Week underway in Bozeman

Posted at 2:54 PM, May 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 15:01:48-04

BOZEMAN – Craft beer lovers rejoice, as the eight-day Craft Beer Week is underway in Bozeman.

In its second year as hosted by local event promotions company Fermentana, the week-long event highlights the booming craft beer industry in the Gallatin Valley, which now boasts 11 breweries.

Loy Maierhauser, co-founder of Fermentana, said that the Gallatin Valley has a strong craft beer culture, making it the perfect place for a week of celebrations.

“Breweries are such a community space in the Gallatin Valley, people take their friends to breweries, they take their families to breweries, so it’s perfect.” Said Maierhauser. “I think that really the more breweries that we get. the more that people like to try new things, and try new breweries, and people are excited to be there,” she added.

The week-long celebration features events at several local breweries, restaurants and businesses, where you can participate in food pairings, or share a drink with your dog. This year, all of the proceeds benefit the non-profit Gallatin Valley Land Trust.

“Bozeman, craft beer, outdoors, I mean who doesn’t want to crack open a cold beer at the end of your trail hike?” said other Co-Founder of Fermentana, Jesse Bussard. “Beer and the outdoors, and beer and Bozeman and beer and dogs, it all goes together,” she said.

Craft Beer Week ends on Saturday. For a list of events, visit their website.

Reporting by Kaitlin Corbett for MTN News