GFPS Superintendent reacts to failed operational levy

Posted at 2:31 PM, May 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 15:01:48-04

GREAT FALLS – On Tuesday night, the fate of Great Falls Public School Operational Levy was decided.

The levy failed with more than 9,600 people who voted against it and around 8,000 who voted for it.

The money would have been used to keep programs such as the environmental educational program and prevent jobs from being cut, but would have cost taxpayers close to $1.4 million.

Superintendent Tammy Lacey said she is disappointed with the outcome and it is unfortunate the actions that the district will have to take now.

“Obviously our message didn’t get through,” Lacey said.

She said she hopes in the future, the community will engage more with the school board so they can get a better understanding of funding for public education.

“The money was to maintain our current programing, it was not to add any kind of programming or do any kind of projects,” Lacey said. “It was for the learning that is happening inside the building. Now that we do not have the 1.349 million dollars, we will need to eliminate positions, eliminate programs, and make necessary reductions in spending.”

The district will have to cut 13 teaching positions by the fall.

Those include English and math teachers at the high school, librarians, and a health enhancement teacher.

“Those are thirteen fewer people that won’t be working with students in our schools,” Lacey said.

Reporting by Elizabeth Transue for MTN News