Lockwood Schools will transition out of Billings Public Schools after voters approve high school

Posted at 4:13 PM, May 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 15:01:31-04

BILLINGS – Lockwood Schools celebrated a big win Tuesday night as voters overwhelmingly said yes to a new high school.

Now comes the transition as Lockwood students currently attend Billings Public High Schools.

Starting July 1, no Lockwood taxes will go to Billings School District 2. In the meantime, SD2 will be reimbursed tuition of $1,400 dollar per student.

Currently 408 students in Lockwood attend one the three Billings high schools. Shifts to state funding should not drastically change with a three-year average enrollment report to the state.

If Lockwood High School opens in 2021, only freshmen and sophomores will be allowed to attend for a smoother transition between the districts.

“That relationship has really transformed over the last year and a half or so,” said Tobin Novasio, Lockwood superintendent. “I think the concessions and the sit downs we did with the different districts to talk about the division of the assets and those type of things really put a solve to that over the years.”

Novasio said he does not want Lockwood to be a burden to SD2.

School District 2 Superintendent Terry Bouck congratulated Lockwood on Wednesday.

In a statement to parents and staff, Bouck stated, “Congratulations to the Lockwood community on the passage of your bond to build a new high school! This is an exciting time and we wish you our very best. We are dedicated to helping make the transition a smooth one.”

Reporting by Dustin Klemann for MTN News