Billings boy with microcephaly headed to Legoland thanks to Make-A-Wish

Posted at 4:34 PM, May 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 15:00:39-04

BILLINGS – A Billings elementary student was stunned Thursday when he not only received a trip to Legoland through Make-A-Wish but had his entire classroom transformed into a jungle.

The Make-A-Wish team, along with sponsor America Home Centers, visited 9-year-old Gage at Ponderosa Elementary School to grant his wish.

Gage has Mandibulofacial Dysostosis with Microcephaly, a disorder that causes abnormalities of the head and face.

“It affects his speech, the way he thinks, the way he learns, the growth size of his head,” said Nichole Bessette, Gage’s mother.

But his parents said Gage has quite the personality.

“He is very outgoing,” said Bessette. “He loves animals, talking, Legos and his Xbox.”

Gage learned Thursday that he’s headed to San Diego with his family Friday to visit Legoland.

To top it off, his teacher and classmates decorated his classroom like a jungle.

Not only was Gage stunned, so was his family.

“It was extremely overwhelming, just awesomeness,” said Bessette. “Everyone coming together and the Make-A-Wish people and Ponderosa and everyone coming together was just really, really cool.”

Reporting by Aja Goare for MTN News