Community responds to Lincoln’s washed out roads

Posted at 5:58 PM, May 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 15:00:39-04

LINCOLN – The Lincoln Rural Fire District is asking people in the area to take extra caution when driving, as snowmelt and floodwater has caused major damage to some county roads.

Stemple Pass road and Lincoln Gulch road have sections that have washed out or are currently underwater.

Lincoln Rural Fire District say that in many areas where the ground is saturated, excessive traffic can cause additional damage.

Fire District Chief Zack Muse says that people who don’t have a reason to be in the affected areas need stay away.

“You don’t know what the ground is like underneath,” says Muse, “I mean that soil, it could be so saturated that all it needs is just a little weight and it just collapses and it turns into a rescue just because someone wanted to go up there and take pictures.”

Muse says that the community response for volunteering has been great but if people have spare time the community is in need of manpower to help fill sandbags.

Cap Paving of Helena and Bench Industries of Great Falls are just a few businesses who has been donating their equipment and materials to help the area.

Mike Schneiderhan has seen firsthand the destruction of the area flooding as the water has torn through his property.

Schneiderhan says that he is so grateful to the community and volunteer help.

“It’s been amazing the people that are throwing in,” says Schneiderhan, “The people from Lincoln are pitching in, Zach from the fire department has been awesome. I just can’t believe the way the community is pulling together.”

Schneiderhan says that while he was loading up the other day students from Lincoln Public Schools came over to help him load a hundred bags onto his trailer.

Sandbags will be offered at Hooper Park for as long as the sand is available and people should follow the Lincoln Volunteer Fire Rescue Facebook page for updates.