More Melting and Rain, So Flood Waters Will Rise

Posted at 8:26 PM, May 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 14:59:39-04

Mountain snowpack continues to be well above average, and with another rain storm set to hit later this week, flooding will worsen.  High pressure and drier weather over the weekend allowed for a slower runoff and floodwaters have slowly fallen if only slightly.  Some Flood Warnings and Advisories have expired with some water levels falling.  The current weather pattern over the West is called a “Rex Block”.  A Rex Block occurs when high pressure is situated to the north of low pressure.  This is a blocking pattern that usually lingers for a few days.  High pressure made for Monday’s beautiful weather and will repeat for Tuesday.  However, low pressure that produced heavy rain last week has been cut off from the jet stream.  The low has moved south of Montana and is currently part of the Rex Block.  As high pressure moves out on Wednesday, the door will open for low pressure to move back toward Montana.  Yes this is the same storm responsible for heavy rain and flooding, and it will hit Big Sky Country with more rain later this week.  Rainfall will increase the flood waters on Thursday and Friday.  Water levels could come up higher than before.  KTVH News will bring you the latest information about all of the flooding, and I will continue to have the latest forecast as we head into our next storm.

Curtis Grevenitz