East Helena students learn about Montana agriculture

Posted at 8:37 PM, May 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 14:58:00-04

EAST HELENA – 150 East Helena 4th graders learned first hand about Montana’s number one industry, agriculture.

There were 15 activity stations to give them an in-depth look on agriculture.

This section showed how important the soil is to growing crops like wheat, chickpeas, and barley.

“There was a whole bunch of different kinds of wheat and stuff,” said Emily Dearing, 10-years-old.

Emily Dearing and Cole Jones can’t wait to tell their parents what they learned. Highlights of the day included the wheat and branding activity stations.

“About the branding, that was pretty cool, and what wheat is used for,” said 9 year-old Cole Jones.

The kids also played games of how far they could spit sunflower seeds.

Greg Egbert is a native Montanan, taught for 40 years and shared his knowledge of ranch life with the students.

Egbert taught the kids how to round up some cattle.

“And it’s the relationships you build with those kids, and I still miss, and getting out here and sharing the things that we do, is really rewarding”, said Egbert.

Egbert said learning about agriculture is important kids know where their food comes from.

“Well, so they learn where food comes from, the beef that they eat, the hamburger that they buy in the grocery store is raised out on a lot of the ranches in this valley,” said Egbert.