Capital High School students become teachers for pre-school children

Posted at 9:22 PM, May 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 14:54:27-04

HELENA – Capital High School students became the teachers on Tuesday.

At the end of the year in Capital High’s Family Consumer Science class, there is a playschool scheduled, where students plan activities for 3 to 5 year-old-kids.

The students learned the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of kids. In total, there were 30 children.

“It just helps makes that process a lot easier, so when they cry for hours on end, when they’re babies, that the baby is talking to them, not that they are mad or angry but they are trying to express themselves,” said Susan Butler.

Susan Butler, the teacher for the Family Consumer class, said this type of learning is important, because at some point in time her students will encounter children.

Sophomore at Capital high, Evan Hines, enjoyed the musical activity with the kids.

“My favorite part with the kids was probably the musical instruments, because some kids would chose the same ones. And the sounds they make, the rhythm is just different that what we would think of as music,” said Hines.

Nadria McCormack liked doing crafts with the kids. The children made turtles cut out of plastic foam, and maracas with plastic eggs.

McCormack said she is used to being around small children. Her little brother participated in Tuesday’s playschool class.

The young kids for the playschool class come from elementary schools all over Helena.

“I love teaching, and ever since I was a little girl in the summer, and when we would have summers off, my neighbors and I would play school,” said Butler.

Butler said she can tell her students grew from this class, taking control and helping the children.