Helena Recycling to accept glass starting in June

Posted at 10:18 PM, May 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-23 00:18:21-04

HELENA – Residents in Helena will soon be able to recycle glass thanks to Helena Recycling. The company said they will start taking glass at their curbside pick-ups starting June 1.

John Hilton, owner of Helena Recycling, said the new service is made possible after nearby Ash Grove Cement offered to take the glass from Helena Recycling to use for their operations.

Hilton added that glass service has been a popular request from customers.

“It was a big push for us to take glass,” Hilton said. “We get a lot of customers that will not sign up for our services due to us not taking glass. As we get bigger and grow, we’re able to add more products that we can recycle such as glass.”

However, the company said the service will only be available to residential customers within the city at first. Helena Recycling has already distributed the dedicated bins for glass to customers in Helena but will not accept any glass contents until June 1.

The glass program will open to county customers and renters in the next couple months.

The new glass service is accompanied by an increase in the monthly fee. Currently, residents in the city pay $6.95 added to their water bill each month for recycling service. With the glass service, the new monthly fee will be $9.20. The City of Helena subsidizes about four dollars of the total cost.

Helena Recycling currently serves over 700 residential customers. To sign up, visit