Capital High student builds 15 foot trebuchet

Posted at 8:41 PM, May 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 14:50:18-04

HELENA – For the last 24 years students of Jim Murray’s have made various Elizabethan era items for their senior projects. This year one student laid siege to the competition.

Capital High student Asher Easterby built a 15’ trebuchet as his senior project to demonstrate what warfare was like during the 16th century.

The siege device is able to launch items like bricks, basketballs and melons dozens of yards.

The students had one month to make their projects which coincides with the 16th century literature they

Easterby says that Mr. Murray really inspired him to go big with his project, and learned a ton in the process.

“You learn so much, and he takes you through a lot of things,” says Easterby.

Easterby joked that as a bonus he now has the ability and knowledge to lay siege to an enemy stronghold.

“If we ever lose power, or gun powder I’ve got this,” added Easterby.

Mr. Murray says he’s proud of all of his students and the passion each student put into their projects.

Over the years students have hand-sewn dresses, made functional cross-bows, and one student even hand-forged a blunt sword.

This will be the last time Mr. Murray will be judging these projects, since he is retiring at the end of the year, after 30 years teaching.