Let’s rock: New exhibit at Museum of the Rockies features guitars

Posted at 3:45 PM, May 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 14:51:09-04

BOZEMAN – A new exhibit opening at the Museum of the Rockies will strike a chord with anyone interested in an instrument that rocked the world.

HP Newquist, executive director of the National Guitar Museum, says it’s an opportunity to see how the instrument evolved into the influence it has become in modern culture.

“It’s called the instrument that rocked the world, it’s the history of the world from hundreds of years to go right up to modern times and people come to the Museum of the Rockies will see the evolution of the guitar and the influence it had on pop culture.

“They’re going to see things that they’ve never seen before,” said Newquist. “One of the very first electric guitar which is shaped like a frying pan. We have one of the very first six-string guitars which were built when Thomas Jefferson was president and we have the world’s largest guitar which is 43 1/2 feet long and it’s a Gibson Flying V.”

The exhibit promises to be interactive and very family-friendly.

“We look at this kind of stealth learning you can come in and appreciate the guitars, listen to the music and even play a few guitars, but while you’re here you can also learn how decibels work, what kind of engineering is used to create an electric guitar, or how to create an amplifier,” Newquist said. “There are lots here to kinda play with and it is interesting to learn about.”

And for Gibson guitar fans, the exhibit offers even more.

“We’ve actually got some of the earliest Gibsons from when Gibson was founded over 100 years ago,” said Newquist said. “And we bring it right up to modern day with acoustics.”

“In terms of design in beauty, the Gibson harp guitar which was made in 1912 was just a beautiful piece of art,” said Newquist. “It’s a little bit to play but it’s a gorgeous guitar.” The exhibit runs from May 26 through September 9.

Reporting by Matt Elwell for MTN News