Bozeman’s oldest, first-ever bed & breakfast closing its doors

Posted at 4:34 PM, May 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 14:49:49-04

BOZEMAN – The Voss Inn Bed & Breakfast is shutting its doors and will be officially sold on June 15.

The current owners of the B&B are Frankee and Bruce Muller. They bought it in 1989.

The building has a unique and rich history in Bozeman. It was built around 1883 and was Bozeman’s first bed & breakfast. Frankee Muller said when they first took over the business in the ‘90s, business was booming. But because of hotels and Airbnb, the Inn started to struggle.

“Now it is pathetic. Airbnb has really cut a chunk out of our market,” said Muller.

She added that it is no longer possible for the B&B to keep the rooms at a reasonable rate while still bringing in a profit. Muller credits that to the growth of Bozeman, Airbnb, and the many hotels around the city.

On Saturday, the B&B started to sell everything in the building from furniture to painting, plants and lamps. Paulette Pitman lived a couple blocks down from the B&B when she was a kid. She said it is very sad to see the Inn no longer serving as a B&B. To commemorate her memories, she purchased a mirror.

“I am a sentimental fool and so it drives my husband nuts that I have all kinds of things from our childhood, so it’s fun to have something from the Voss Inn,” said Pitman.

“I in particular have been having a hard time of it. Well, we both love this house and I put 30 years into my garden out front and around the house and that is gonna be really hard to leave,” said Muller.

The silent auction and estate sale will continue through Memorial Day Weekend on Monday. The Mullers said a business will move into the building. They would not disclose the buyer or the business name.

Reporting by Mederios Babb for MTN News