Corvallis hosts 98th annual Memorial Day parade

Posted at 8:02 PM, May 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 14:49:19-04

CORVALLIS – Vehicles of all shapes and sizes cruised down Main Street in Corvallis for the city’s Memorial Day parade.

It’s the town’s way of saying thank you to all the veterans who served in the military for their country.

“The parade is just a good way to bring all the people in the valley together so we can remember the people who died, the veterans who’ve died,” said veteran Doug Mason.

Veterans say that they feel that support from the community.

“I like all the support of the veterans. We set up a booth and sell hats and t-shirts and stuff like that. Raffle tickets and we get a lot of support from the community,” Vietnam veteran Al Sperry said.

“This is probably one of the best parades that’s going on in this area for vets,” said veteran Jeff McClanahan.

After the festivities along Main Street, visitors gathered at the Corvallis Cemetery. There, they heard the reading of veterans’ names in memorial of their service to the country.

“The best thing is to come up to the cemetery right after this at 12 o’ clock. We name off all the veterans who are buried there back to the Mexican War,” Mason said.

Whether you showed up for the parade or the memorial service at the cemetery, veterans are thankful for your support and count on seeing you again next year.

“I would just like to thank everyone for coming out. I would like to thank all the servicemen for their service. I’d like to thank all the people for their support and I just think it’s wonderful. We’ve been doing this for a long time so it’s a great deal,” Mason said.

Reporting by Connor McCauley for MTN News