Lincoln area still dealing with flooding

Posted at 3:42 PM, May 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 14:49:50-04

LINCOLN – Lincoln Fire Chief Zach Muse said most of the mid-elevation and low elevation snow has melted, but the Blackfoot River will be affected for weeks by the high elevation snowpack coming out of Landers Fork.

Muse said Friday evening’s heavy rain did not help; it caused the Stonewall Creek drain to overflow, creating a flash flood.

“Other than the rain we are about done with the lower elevation, mid-elevation snow, and those small streams, but anything that feeds into the Landers Fork and then into the Blackfoot, that’s going to go one for a couple more weeks,” said Muse

Traveling three miles out of town up Stonewall Creek road, you can see the damage left behind.

The road, ripped apart, all of the packed clay and dirt washed away from the flood.

“Everything dried up real quick now, the county is going to have a heck of a road to fix, but now, it’s about two miles of what looks like a river channel,” said Muse.

The flooding left the road, for the most part, un-drivable.

“The community has been great, and mostly the hardest part is keeping people away from those areas where people are being affected. You know, everyone wants to go see, take pictures, and put it on Facebook, you know. These people are in a bad situation, they don’t need you up there,” said Muse.

Muse said overall he believes the county, and the community did and are doing the best they can with the floods.

Muse also said the public must abide by the signs officials have placed around town.