Lewis & Clark County residents urged to sign up for alert system

Posted at 8:08 PM, Jul 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 19:22:46-04

HELENA – Local officials are urging residents to sign up for the county’s public safety mass alert system, RAVE Alert.

RAVE Alert is capable of alerting the community via text message, email or voice message and can use the person’s registered address to better provide targeted information.

According to Lewis and Clark County Dispatch, only about 8 percent of the county is currently signed up for the system.

Sheriff Leo Dutton asks that people sign up as soon as possible, that way they’ll be informed during an emergency.

“It’s best to sign up while the air is clear, before water starts seeping in the front door, and before fire is licking at your garage,” said Sheriff Dutton.

The system was recently used to help notify Augusta, MT residents of road closures due to flooding.

Dispatch Center Manager Peter Callahan tells MTN that the RAVE system is great to giving targeted information to the public.

“When we send out notification we use what is called geo-targeting,” said Callahan, “So if an event is happening in one part of the county we alert just those people affected.”

Officials say the information is completely confidential and unsearchable by law enforcement or dispatch.

For more information about the RAVE Alert system and how to sign up visit the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s webpage.