New tech business ranking shows Bozeman leading the pack in Montana

Posted at 4:18 PM, Jul 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 11:13:14-04

BOZEMAN – Montana High Tech Business Alliance recently named the top 25 tech businesses in the state of Montana. Bozeman dominated the list with 10 of its businesses on it.

From engineering to manufacturing and much more, Montana High Tech Business Alliance compiled the 2018 list for the top tech businesses across the state.

These businesses were ranked on bringing wealth to the state, investing in the community and creating jobs. Ten out of these 25 businesses are right here in Bozeman.

Advanced Electronic Designs was one of the businesses to be named and believes it’s due to the employees they have on board.

“The president’s hired some really bright engineers and other folks to work with here, so we’re very excited for that opportunity to represent Bozeman and potentially the state of Montana. It’s a big deal for us,” said Mark Henry, program manager at Advanced Electronic Designs.

With Bozeman businesses making up nearly half the list, Montana High Tech Business Alliance and Advanced Electronic Designs believe it’s partially due to the community collaboration of the businesses here.

Scott Sehnert is an advisory board member for Montana High Tech Business Alliance and said, “What I’ve noticed about Bozeman, the businesses in Bozeman are open to collaboration, working together working to grow the whole sector versus individualism. That’s the one thing that makes Bozeman a real special place is the collaboration amongst the businesses in this community.”

“Bozeman is a very progressive city and there’s lots of high tech companies here, Prospera Business Alliance is here locally and we have an opportunity to get together with those companies and see what our fellow employers in the community are doing,” Henry said.

Below is the full list of the top 25 tech businesses:

  1. Advanced Electronic Designs, Bozeman
  2. Allied Steel, Lewistown
  3. Applied Materials, Kalispell
  4. AT&T, Missoula
  5. ATG, Missoula
  6. ATR, Hamilton
  7. Blackfoot, Missoula
  8. Blackmore Sensors and Analytics, Bozeman
  9. Century Companies, Lewistown
  10. CTA, Bozeman
  11. Edulog, Missoula
  12. FICO, Bozeman
  13. Helix Business Solutions, Dillon
  14. KOA, Billings
  15. Loenbro, Great Falls
  16. Montana Instruments, Bozeman
  17. Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply, Bozeman
  18. Oracle, Bozeman
  19. PROOF Research, Columbia Falls
  20. Schedulicity, Bozeman
  21. SoFi, Helena
  22. Synesis 7, Butte
  23. WGM Group, Missoula
  24. Workiva, Bozeman
  25. Zoot Enterprises, Bozeman

Reporting by Emma Hamilton for MTN News