Volunteers flock to Montana WILD and Spring Meadow Lake

Posted at 6:44 PM, Jul 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 20:44:42-04

HELENA – Volunteers flocked to Montana WILD and Spring Meadow Lake State Park on Thursday July 19 to help with some much needed cleanup work.

The event was organized by Montana Conservation Corps Veterans Green Corps and Montana State Parks.

Volunteers restored and re-painted the raptor housing which are called mews, re-stained the fishing pier at Spring Meadow and removed noxious weeds in the area.

Kyan Bishop, AmeriCorps team leader with Montana State Parks, said it’s really exciting to see all these people come together to make a difference.

“We have a lot of needs, we have a lot of land to manage and we have a lot of projects here that frankly we don’t have that kind of level of support all the time,” said Bishop, “So getting people out into our parks and facilities to help us out is great.”

According to Montana State Parks tens of thousands of people use the area each year.

Organizers say that it’s great to see people take ownership in their state parks and the volunteer works goes a long way towards bettering the facilities.