Affordable housing development slated for Missoula’s Northside will be largest in Montana

Posted at 4:12 PM, Jul 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 18:20:16-04

MISSOULA – The Missoula City Council has approved a new affordable housing development that, according to the project’s developer, will be the largest in Montana history.

The 200-unit complex will be located beneath Interstate 90 between Shakespeare and Scott streets off of Otis Street.

24 of the units will be offered at 40 percent of area median income (AMI) and 175 units at 60 percent AMI. One unit will be for the property’s manager.

The units’ size will include 93 two-bedroom units, 101 three-bedroom units and six four-bedroom apartments.

Along with the 200 housing units, the development will include the Beacon Street alley, which will be added to the backside of the complex and run parallel with Otis Street.

Encompass Design has been awarded the project and says that the Beacon Street area would go unused if a road wasn’t added. Encompass says that while the road won’t improve connectivity, it will add to the development of the area and add access to the site.

You can see more from Encompass Design here:

Reporting by Connor McCauley for MTN News