After national success, Montana Mex spicing up Treasure State grocery stores

Posted at 3:49 PM, Jul 31, 2018

BOZEMAN – A national company that began in Montana is now spicing up the Big Sky. Montana Mex has expanded to offer its products on local store shelves, in addition to online and national sales.

“It started in a little kitchen in Livingston, right down the road where we made fresh salsa, guacamole, some hot sauces. We did local farmers markets and really refined recipes, tested the brand and tested the products,” said co-founder and CEO Christopher Jane.

Chef Eduardo Garcia, who founded Montana Mex with Christopher and Chief Marketing Officer Jennifer Jane, added, “Really, it was in 2012 that we morphed into a different business plan. We wanted to take this love of natural foods, foods free of preservatives and chemicals, bold flavors and an exciting brand story on the national level, which really had brought us out of the state for our manufacturing, our warehousing and distribution.”

“Just now, in 2018, in the summer, bringing our entire stable of products, all seven of them, the sauces, the seasonings, our oil; it’s like a homecoming,” Garcia said.

And that homecoming is bringing Montana Mex to all Town and Country locations in Bozeman, Belgrade, and Livingston.

“It’s something you dream about, and then you work really hard towards figuring it out,” Garcia said. “I feel like we have really used the state of Montana’s appeal, which is the natural wide open space and we have really built that into our sauces and seasonings and our products. We are a brand that recognizes this natural way of living and so to be able to bring it back to the community and state that really created us is almost like a token of gratitude. We’re saying, ‘hey guys, we’re back. Thanks for supporting us.’”

The team wanted to be able to offer a product like no other.

“There’s not many genuinely good condiments out there, so we’re hoping to change that space a little bit and get people to grab the good stuff to put on their healthy food and have a more well-rounded healthy meal,” said Jennifer Jane.

Montana Mex hopes in the future to offer its products on store shelves statewide.

All seven Montana Mex products were on sale as of Monday at Town and Country locations.

Reporting by Emma Hamilton for MTN News