MSU-Billings brings back ‘Homecoming’ after the tradition was lost for decades

Posted at 2:00 PM, Oct 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-08 20:41:34-04

BILLINGS – What hasn’t happened in 40 years is back with a buzz. The start of Homecoming kicked off Friday at MSU-Billings.

A variety of events are scheduled to help ring in this throwback event, according to MSUB Director of Alumni Relations Gillette Vaira.

“We are so excited to bring alumni, students, faculty, and staff back to campus to celebrate MSU Billings. We are literally bringing back the buzz,” said Vaira.

However before the jackets got to all the fun events, they first met at an open and green space on campus to form a giant “MSUB” with current students and former ones.

The day started with a proclamation from Billings Mayor Bill Cole, who named Oct 5, 2018 as MSU-Billings Day.

“Homecoming means tradition,” said Cole.

That was followed by some words of encouragement from Chancellor Dan Edelman: “I encourage everyone to follow Mayor Cole’s proclamation and join us for all of the homecoming festivities.”

For students, the moment was largely celebrated. Halle Keltner, president of the MSU-Billings student body, said homecoming is all about feeling like you belong.

“Homecoming means alumni know they have a place to go, students know that they have a place to go. Students in high school know that they have a place to go and we are just bringing everybody home,” said Keltner.

Despite the fact that MSUB doesn’t have a football program, those with the school said they want the community to know there are plenty of other reasons to celebrate the school’s sports programs.

Reporting by Andrea Lutz for MTN News