Helena city leaders discuss changes to 5-point intersections

Posted at 10:17 PM, Oct 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-11 00:24:46-04

HELENA – At an administration meeting Wednesday, Helena city leaders discussed developments in the plan for the Capital City’s notorious five-point intersections.

One of those intersections is at Lyndale Avenue and North Montana Avenue. The other is at Last Chance Gulch and Helena Avenue.

You may also know them as “Malfunction Junctions.”

City staff say they’re ready to proceed with one traffic study for both intersections, which will cost $223,191. The study will take Robert Peccia and Associates about nine to 12 months to complete, and a draft should be complete by June 2019.

The entire study should be complete the following August.

“The whole idea is to be very transparent,” said city engineer Ryan Leland. “Look out into the public and get a lot more communication with the public, to see if we can meld everyone’s ideas, from the public and MDT, to come up with a good solution.”

According to Leland, staff decided on one study for both intersections, because what is done at one will impact the other.

The study will look at short-term recommendations like signage or striping, as well as long-term recommendations, including reconstructing one or both of the intersections. ​

According to Leland, there will be multiple public meeting throughout the study, so people can learn more and provide feedback.

He says we won’t see any physical changes at the intersections for years.