Police chief: Libby students can safely return to class

Posted at 2:00 PM, Oct 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-10 18:14:43-04

LIBBY – Police in Libby say students are safe to return to school despite a threat that was written in the school bathroom last week.

Libby Police Chief Scott Kessel said the threat involved a statement written on a bathroom stall threatening to “shoot up the school” in the next 10 days. The note added, “if you don’t want to die don’t come.”

The note was discovered last Thursday and parents were alerted over the weekend, sparking outrage from some parents.

Kessel said parents weren’t notified until the investigation was finished in an effort to avoid potential danger to more students.

All of the school doors will be locked on Wednesday and officers will be stationed in the schools throughout the day.

Kessel said during a Tuesday evening community meeting that there is no on-going threat to the school or the community.

“We believe we’ve identified all the juveniles involved. And yes it is safe for them to come to school tomorrow. I’ve got people in place at all the schools,” Kessel said.

“And studies have shown — unfortunately, we’ve got enough history of this behind us, that if we are there, present, we can deter the treat for that moment,” he added.

Kessel said the students involved face up to a year suspension from the school, and will not be identified as they are all minors.

By Nicole Miller and Don Fisher – MTN News