Outdoor Report: Hunter reveals favorite places in NW Montana

Posted at 9:35 AM, Oct 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-16 18:37:55-04

THOMPSON FALLS – A Sanders County man is sharing the story of one of his favorite hunting spots in this week’s Outdoors Report.

“I got involved hunting here when it was close to town and everything — when it was owned by Calvin Wilson. Calvin would allow people to come out and hunt, you just had to ask permission,” hunter Mark Sheets said.

“With it, I probably hunt 95% of my time for the season here. It’s close to town, it’s a wonderful place to go, and you have opportunities for running into everything that you want to for hunting,” he added.

Sheets lives in Thompson Falls and enjoys hunting on the Mount Silcox Wildlife Range.

“Primarily it is a walk in area. People use it for horses, but it just ends up for a very quiet peaceful experience that can take place and you can have a lot of folks out here and yet you don’t really feel crowded or anything,” Sheets explained.

“There is a whole variety of things you can see here and every time you come out it’s something new, something different,” Sheets said.

“Like last year. I didn’t get anything hunting and all, but yet it was probably one of the better hunting seasons that I have ever had in which the number of animals I saw, it was just wonderful,” Sheets said.

“I thank Calvin all the time for that and Fish, Wildlife and Parks for doing it because this would have been subdivided,” Sheets said.

“I mean it would have been trophy homes all over and it would have been a totally lost gem and because of this, it is going to be here forever. And it’s wonderful and just a great thing to have, I mean it’s a real jewel right in your backyard,” Sheets concluded.

Mount Silcox is primarily a winter range for bighorn sheep.

-Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks