Missoula’s Opportunity Resources client enjoying time on the job

Posted at 2:01 PM, Nov 05, 2018
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MISSOULA – Opportunity Resources Inc. (ORI) in Missoula has been providing their clients with the opportunity for independence in housing, employment and in their daily lives.

Wade Butler began his career at Universal Athletics in January and since then he’s found a job he enjoys and co-workers who have fun working with him.

“Wade is in charge of doing t-shirts with Tyler, one of his favorite tasks. He does hats, cleans the shoe display, he also makes sure all the clothes around the store are organized and in all the right places,” ORI Job Technician Hilary Brazington said. “He also cleans the cubbies and he organizes all the merchandise.”

Wade has had a couple of different jobs but he enjoys working at Universal the most and really enjoys working with the other employees.

“This is his third job and he absolutely loves working here and they make him feel very welcome,” Brazington said.

Wade is non-verbal so Brazington, — who’s been with him since he started at ORI — helps him communicate and stay on task, “I’ve worked with him since day one and it’s been a little over two years,” Brazington said.

Over those two years, they’ve developed a bond and learned to communicate in their own way and also have some fun while on the job.

We get each other he is very goofy he likes to goof around at work and tease me,” Brazington said. “He will act like he forgot how to do his job and then I will look at him and he will be smirking at me and I call him out on it and he gets back to work.”

Reporting by Connor McCauley for MTN News

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