Vice President’s visit tops last day of campaigning in Western MT

Posted at 8:42 PM, Nov 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-06 00:04:43-05

KALISPELL – The weather is cold in the Flathead Monday. But for some Republicans, the fervor over this year’s mid-term elections still hasn’t cooled off. And that’s enough to bring several hundred of them to Kalispell to see Vice President Mike Pence.

It was the cap on a whirlwind weekend on the campaign trail, as the candidates scramble for every single vote.

The topics at the rally exactly as we expected. Economic reform, immigration and control of the Supreme Court.

Pence was making an 11th hour stop to give one final shot in the arm to GOP hopes of electing Matt Rosendale to the U.S. Senate, and Representative Greg Gianforte a full term in the house.

There were no early morning lineups here. And while many of these people say they’ve already voted, they’re interested in seeing the Vice President and making a show of support for the GOP ticket.

With GOP stars like Senators Lindsey Graham and Cory Gardner joining in, both Gianforte and Rosendale made one final pitch for votes.

“We’re getting America back on track and the American dream is back,” Gianforte said.

“To help Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte represent the people of Montana. That’s what I’m going to do,” Rosendale said.

As with rallies across the state, fully half of the message was one of attack against Montana’s senior senator, criticizing Jon Tester for supporting a “liberal agenda”, not supporting President Trump, and especially his nominees for the VA and Supreme Court, this time delivered once more directly from his Vice President.

“Matt Rosendale is a man who will stand for the conservative values of the people of this state,” Pence said. “I think it’s time to vote ‘no’ on Jon Tester and vote to make Matt Rosendale the next Senator from the great State of Montana.”

But the Democrats have been just as busy. Both Tester, and House candidate Kathleen Williams had packed schedules through the weekend and into today.

“I think the reason Matt Rosendale is bringing all these people into the state is because, quite frankly he wants to privatize our public lands,” Tester said. “He wants to privatize education. He wants to kick people off healthcare that have pre-existing conditions. He wants more dark money into these races. He can’t campaign on that stuff in Montana or Montanans will vote for me. So he’s got to deflect and distract.”

Now that the candidates have fired their closing arguments it’s up to you. We’ll find out what happens when the votes are tallied Tuesday night.

Reporting by Dennis Bragg for MTN News