Montana Highway Patrol reports spike in accidents due to weather

Posted at 4:01 PM, Nov 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-09 18:44:07-05

Winter weather caused multiple accidents Wednesday night and Thursday morning across Gallatin County, according to the Montana Highway Patrol.

MHP reported getting 20 to 30 calls per shift. Most of these accidents were corner and Intersection crashes.

MHP says that Wednesday’s fog formed a thin layer of ice on area roadways before the snow rolled in, and many calls were from people that didn’t have their cars prepared for winter.

“Right now we’re seeing a lot of cars that still have their summer tires on and they’re running light. Be ready for that and get into the mindset that you live in Montana so the conditions do change,” MHP Sgt. Patrick McLaughlin said.

Sgt. McLaughlin also recommends getting in the habit of cleaning ice and snow off your car before you leave for your destination.

Reporting by Carson Vickroy for MTN News