Bozeman police say bus driver not cited in pedestrian collision

Posted at 3:59 PM, Nov 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-30 23:44:10-05

BOZEMAN – Police said a 56-year-old man was hit around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday by a Streamline bus pulling away from the bus stop across the downtown parking garage on Mendenhall.

“The pedestrian did sustain non-life-threatening injuries and was transported by ambulance to the hospital, and then we later learned that he was flown to another hospital, not sure where,” said Bozeman Police Sgt. Rick Musson.

Police said the crash is still under investigation but as of right now there appear to be no traffic violations by the driver.

“The investigation has shown that alcohol definitely played a part in the pedestrian. Not the driver but the pedestrian. So alcohol was a factor there,” said Musson.

Musson said that the bus driver and several witnesses were interviewed, but police have not been able to interview the pedestrian.

“We were not able to talk to him and get his side of the story at this point, and really that is about as far with this investigation, that is probably one of the last pieces that we still have yet to do,” said Musson.

Musson said crashes involving pedestrians and vehicles are much less common than vehicle-only crashes, but that they do still happen.

Reporting by Mederios Babb for MTN News