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Two charged after dropping baggie of meth in Great Falls casino

Posted at 3:06 PM, Dec 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-13 18:31:33-05
Troy Allan Nelson and John Gerald Sibert

(GREAT FALLS) Troy Allan Nelson has been charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs (felony) and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia (misdemeanor).

Court documents state the police responded to Lucky Lil’s Casino at 1401 10th Avenue South after an employee reported seeing a small baggie with a white powdery substance on the ground in front of the cashier’s counter.

Police reviewed surveillance video and saw Nelson drop the baggie as he pulled something else out of his pocket.

The substance in the baggie tested positive for meth. Officers searched Nelson and found a clear glass smoking pipe with residue.

Court documents note that Nelson’s criminal history includes theft, assault with a weapon, threats of violence, and probation violations. Nelson is also pending sentencing on a charge of elder abuse (see below).

Police then learned that Nelson had been with another man at the casino; when police asked the name his name, he replied “David Henderson” and gave a birthdat of October 13, 1948, according to court documents.

Police quickly discovered that his name was John Gerald Sibert, and he was born in 1966. Police searched Sibert and found two syringes, two baggies of meth, and marijuana. Sibert reportedly struggled with officers when they tried to arrest him.

Sibert’s criminal history includes theft, partner/family member assault, and criminal possession of dangerous drugs.

Sibert has been charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs (felony), and the following misdemeanors: resisting arrest, obstructing a peace officer, criminal possession of dangerous drugs, and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.

(JANUARY 16, 2018) Troy Allan Nelson has been charged in Great Falls with elder abuse and forgery after he allegedly tried to steal money from his elderly neighbor.

Nelson was arrested at a Great Falls Wal-Mart on Monday after he tried to buy tires using a check from the 86 year old woman, according to court documents.

A Walmart employee told police that a woman had tried to use a check written on the elderly woman’s bank account to buy groceries, but was not successful. Officers then learned that the woman had been with Nelson, who had used a similar check from the same account to buy tires at the Walmart.

Nelson initially told police that he was the sole caregiver for the woman and had been given authority to spend money from her account. Nelson then showed police his cell phone, which showed a balance of $30,000 in the account.

Police said Nelson’s story began to “evolve,” telling police that the elderly woman was his 92-year old grandmother, but could/would not provide any credible information about the elderly woman’s whereabouts or her phone number.

According to court documents, Nelson then admitted that the woman was his neighbor, not his grandmother. He told police that he visited her and brought her food. He stated that he was surprised to find out that she had put him on her bank account without his knowledge, reportedly to pay for funeral expenses when she passes away.

Police later learned that the woman was under hospice care and mentally debilitated.

Court documents state that Nelson admitted the $30,000 belonged to the elderly woman, and that he shouldn’t have spent any of the money for any purpose not directly related to her care.

Nelson is charged with one felony: elder/persons with developmental disabilities abuse. He is also charged with misdemeanor forgery.

Court documents note that Nelson has a “multi-state criminal history” from Montana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. He is currently wanted in Minnesota for failing to appear in court on a charge of “threats of violence (terroristic threats)” in 2016.

Prosecutors requested that bond for Nelson be set at $10,000.